Did you know, one of the most common issues we are asked about is sound transfer between rooms? Acoustics are a challenge in many spaces, as it’s what is concealed by the wall or ceiling that matters. ⁠

Sound is like water and will find the path of least resistance. While you might think that your walls alone are the culprit, there are many other elements that impact sounds privacy.⁠

The most common issues causing sounds transfer are:⁠
• Walls that stop at the ceiling tile⁠
• Return air grilles open to the plenum⁠
• Unlined ducts⁠
• Level of insulations in walls⁠
• Low CAC and NRC ratings of ceiling tiles⁠
• Back to back electrical outlets⁠
• Lightweight or hollow core doors⁠

Strategies to address sound are easiest during construction, but retrofits can be made as well. ⁠

Some solutions include:⁠
• Extend walls to the underside of the structure⁠
• Ducted air returns ⁠
• Lined ducts⁠
• Insulate walls with a sound rated insulation⁠
• High CAC and NRC ceiling tiles⁠
• Staggered electrical outlets ⁠
• Adding sweeps to doors⁠