• Client
  • Town of Southey
  • Location
  • Southey, SK
  • Completed
  • 2021

The new Southey Health Center was commissioned by the Town of Southey as a Municipal building for visiting healthcare providers as well as for town use through the provision of flexible meeting space. The new building was designed as a tribute to the vision of the Town as a modern, forward thinking rural community that values design, flexibility, sustainability and community. Based on the Community Health Center model developed in Regina by 1080, the facility design includes universal exam rooms, flexible provider space, a dedicated staff zone, lab and point of care testing as well as space to accommodate future telehealth and other complimentary health therapies.

The Architectural design presents a modern statement of simplicity, warmth and practicality using a palette of warm wood and contrasting metal panels combined with a large expanse of glazing to create an open and transparent image while infusing the interior with natural light. The interior design is bright and welcoming again using similar warm wood tones and vibrant pops of colours to create a positive and inviting atmosphere.