• Client
  • Public Employee Benefits Association
  • Location
  • Regina, SK
  • Completed
  • 2020

1080 was contracted by Sask Builds and Procurement, formerly known as the Ministry of Central Services, to provide their expertise in the space expansion of PEBA, the Public Employee Benefits Agency. The project scope encompassed the redesign and refurbishment of four floors, utilizing standardized materials while incorporating new features to enhance public-facing and shared spaces. The team paid special attention to the main floor and corporate boardroom, where carefully selected lighting, a modern color scheme, and carefully placed feature elements were added to elevate the experience for both staff and visitors.

The focus on the main floor and corporate boardroom was significant, as these areas are the most visible and frequently used spaces by both employees and the public. The team ensured that the updated lighting, contemporary color palette, and strategically placed feature elements not only looked visually appealing but also functioned effectively. The result is a space that complements and highlights the public-facing and shared areas, while maintaining a cohesive and standardized appearance with the rest of the building.