• Client
  • Cega’kin Nakoda Oyate
  • Location
  • Carry-the-Kettle FN
  • Completed
  • 2022

Cega’kin Nakoda Oyate engaged 1080 for planning and design of a new multi-functional store building to bring essential services to the First Nation. The existing store was undersized, which limited access to nutritious food and propane. The new store provides extensive coolers, a year-round restaurant – the Little Kettle, garage services as well as a gas station. The building will also serve as a hub for events like PowWow.

The community was a big part of the project, from using local materials and tradespeople, to planning infrastructure for future developments, and incorporating environmental strategies such as solar power. Nakoda Junction is a vital community resource and employer that offers garage services, a restaurant, groceries, propane and petroleum. Built at Cega’kin Nakoda Nation/Carry-the-Kettle, it opened in January 2022. Working with the store manager and council to develop a program that provides the space and flexibility to service their community, the overall design direction was to be welcoming and bright on the interior and have a visual interest on the exterior. The metal building avoids looking like a Quonset through warm wood tones, copper accents and feature rock at the entrance including a granite buffalo carved by a local artist.