Prairie Spruce Commons Cohousing

Prairie Spruce Commons is designed to be an intergenerational Cohousing Community with 27 private condominium units and shared amenity spaces. The final design is for a three-storey structure with elevator access over a below grade parkade. The design reflects the needs and design intentions of the cohousing group and responds to the urban context of the Canterbury Park neighborhood.

Cohousing communities are unique forms of multifamily housing that incorporates the programming and design goals of the future inhabitants. There are often strong values of cooperation, sharing, and interdependence within these communities. Residents share meals, chores, and make decisions related to their community (building and property) through a consensus based process.

Working with the cohousing group (Prairie Spruce Commons), and their cohousing consultant (Connexus Cohousing), pmgm architecture organized and facilitated a series of workshops which translated the values, vision, and goals of the community into a final design. The products of these workshops was a set of reports that clearly outlined the architectural program which translated to a Schematic Design and a final detailed Developed Design which will serve as the basis for construction documents. Throughout the process the members of the community were able to provide their input and feedback on design decisions. Progress was clearly documented to prevent rework and continuous guidance and expertise was provided by the Architect to ensure project feasibility and functionality.