Maverick High School

Maverick is an ever-evolving school for highly independent youth. It is a leading edge student-driven high school embracing the philosophies of multiple intelligences and choice theory. Its guiding principle is FREEDOM = RESPONSIBILITY.

The new home for Maverick will occupy what was previously the Kinsmen School. The existing 1960’s school building is undergoing renovations along with a 5500 sf addition to the south. Early in the process we worked with the principal and various stakeholders from the School Division to develop a program and design for the new school that matches both the philosophies of Maverick and the budget and maintenance requirements of the School Division.

The addition to the south has been designed to make the most of the site and maximize building efficiency through passive design strategies. The following design strategies have been employed to minimize the building’s energy usage and maximize the quality of the interior spaces:

  • High-performance building envelope. High-efficiency mechanical system employing radiant heat and heat recovery.
  • South-facing glazing designed to maximize access to daylight deep into spaces, with minimized glare.
  • Transparency between interior spaces to allow for borrowed light and supervision.
  • A centrally located light monitor to bring daylight to the center of the building and provide a logical circulation node.