Greenhouse Gas Technology Centre

The University of Regina Engineering Faculty has established a research project to capture and reuse CO2 emissions from coal-fired power plants. An on-campus research facility was required to test theories and confirm practical applications. As the U of R has a limited land base, a decision was made to design an upper floor addition to the Maintenance Building. This threw into the mix, Physical Plant administration, shipping & receiving, stores, and shops with research labs/offices and a 14-metre high Pilot Plant with an area of 600 square meters.

Balancing the needs of the researchers with that of the Physical Plant gave rise to challenging design and co-ordination issues. Various aspects affected delivery: shipping/receiving, stores, and shops had to stay in full operation during construction; lab requirements were not fully resolved at time of design; the Pilot Plant had to be completed first to allow installation of extensive research equipment; and financial commitments dictated that the service tunnel be built and structural steel ordered before the project was tendered. The completed facility includes renovations to the existing Maintenance Building and new research lab space with an identifiable presence for the Research Component.

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